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District 3 Republican Candidate Sticks to Her Guns

With “red flag” laws still be debated daily, one Florida Republican running for office is sticking to her guns.

Marva Preston, a Republican candidate running for the District 3 Senate seat opening in 2020, posted a picture this week of her platform for the upcoming race.

In the post, Preston attached a picture of her three biggest points, with the Second Amendment being one of them — along with economy and education.

Under her “2nd Amendment” bullet point, Preston penned a phrase that has become a staple for many gun enthusiasts: “Shall not be infringed.”

“After 27 years in law enforcement, to include 13 years in homicide, I feel it is imperative to protect our right to bear arms. There should be no compromise in a law abiding citizen’s God given right to be able to protect themselves, family and community with a firearm,” Preston wrote in the post on Facebook. “New laws, new restrictions, new legislation are not going to work. Enforce current gun laws. See something, say something. Increase access and funding for mental health. Gun education. And most importantly put God back in our schools, government and everyday life.”

This summer’s mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, accelerated calls for more red flag laws, as well as helped jump-start bills in Congress. The laws allow courts to order the seizure of firearms from those believed to pose an imminent danger to themselves or others. Seventeen states and the District of Columbia have passed such laws.

While the political focus in Florida has shifted to gun control and how to prevent mass shootings, many Republican candidates and officials have come out against laws that would create a slippery slope when confiscating guns.

Preston, who resides in Crawfordville, FL, entered the Senate District 3 race back in June. She is hoping to use her conservative platform and years working in law enforcement to replace term-limited Democratic Sen. Bill Montford next year.